Jerry "Jive" Kerby

Wing & Solo Acro

Jerry “Jive” Kerby retired as a Lt. Colonel from the United States Air Force in 2006 after 23 years of service in the USAF with over 3400 hours in the F-15 Eagle and over 400 hours in the F-4 Phantom.  After graduating at the top of his pilot training class, Jive was awarded an F-15 Eagle training slot and eventually went on to graduate from the USAF Fighter Weapons School in the F-15.  He led over 20 missions in Desert Storm (SOUTHERN WATCH) as an overall Air-to-Air Mission Commander.  During the final two years of his USAF career, Jive transitioned to the F-4 Phantom as the Commander of the 82nd Aerial Targets Squadron and became the USAF’s first F-4 Heritage Flight Pilot.  Jive is one of only two civilian Certified Flight Instructors in the F-4 (non-military) in the United States and is also a CFI in the T-33 Shooting Star, T-28 Trojan, the L-39 Albatross, and the MS760.  He holds a Surface Solo and Formation Aerobatic card in the F-4, T-33, T-28, and L-39.  Since his solo flight on his 16th birthday, Jive has amassed a total of over 11,000 hours of flight time.