Andrew "Wizzer" Swart-Flight Lead

Andrew learned to fly in Texas in 1980 by bartering flying lessons for his work in the college computer lab.  After graduating and moving to Southern California, and a hiatus of several years, he resumed flying and purchased a half-share in a Comanche 250.

Ten years later (2001) he purchased a T-28C and soon became formation-qualified, flying with other formation pilots up and down the West Coast, not only alongside T-28s, but also with fighters, bombers, and other trainers.  In 2008 he moved both aircraft to the East Coast, having relocated to the Princeton, New Jersey area, where he currently resides.  Most of his flight hours are in his T-28, and most of those are in formation.  He also serves as training officer at formation clinics around the country.

Andrew joined the Trojan Horsemen in 2009 as an alternate wingman, and in 2012 began performing as a Flight Lead.  His aircraft sports a US Marines paint scheme (the VMF 323 “Death Rattlers”).

When he is not flying his T-28 he dabbles in high-tech.